Who is Toomaj

This is the true story of Toomaj. Born on December third, 1990, of Bakhtiari origin. A mechanical engineering graduate with a passionate spirit for music, singing, and unique word compositions.
From a young age, he had a strong desire to learn and discover the truth, as well as a fighting spirit. He began exploring the world of martial arts as a child and went on to win Muay Thai and other martial arts championships. In keeping with that, he put himself to the test in the realms of numbers and mathematics.
Toomaj began his journey through the ups and downs of rap with “Jange RAP” (Rap War), in which he announced the start of his battle against governmental rappers.
Following that, he rapped about the social happenings of the year 2016 in “Borhhe” (period) and encouraged the public to be more active.
Toomaj continued to evolve with “Dor” (pearl), Paraffin, Che, “Nadidi” (you didn’t see), “Dard” (pain), “Moosh” (mouse), “Anar” (pomegranate), and “Shallagh” (whip) in a manner of carrying all of the people’s pain and grief.
From Muhammad, an 11-year-old student in Bushehr, who committed suicide due to a lack of a mobile phone to help him keep studying and his family’s poverty (Nadidi 2), to labor oppression (Anar), compulsory hijab for women (Shalagh), and government corruption and extreme violations of human rights in Iran.
For the first time, following the release of the music video “Mousehole,” Toomaj was arrested violently in the middle of the night on September 12th, 2021, and was released on bail ten days later.

Following that, on the anniversary of the bloody November of 2019, despite threats and pressures, as well as the possibility of re-arrest, he went in front of the prison where he had previously been imprisoned and sang a song in memory of the victims of Aban with his friend Afrasiab.

Following the announcement of Toomaj’s trial date, which sparked concern among his fans, he announced that they were going to be in for a surprise on the day.
Instead of appearing in court on the day of the trial at 10:00 a.m., Toomaj went even further and released a music video called “Tanabe Dar” (hangman’s rope), in which he outlined all of the Islamic Republic regime’s crimes over the last 44 years and identified the regime as the main culprit, and declared that he did not commit a crime but that, as an artist, he fulfilled his artistic mission and became the voice of society’s oppressed and voiceless people.
After that, the Islamic Republic’s court of injustice sentenced him to 6 months suspended imprisonment and a fine.

With the murder of Mahsa Amini, the Iranians’ uprising, and the start of the Women, Life, Freedom revolution, another page was turned in his life, and Toomaj moved forward step by step with the people. And by emphasizing that “none of our lives are more important than the other’s, let us not forget our wonderful unity, and let us not let them create division in this beautiful and sad bloody paradise”, he encouraged the nation to continue down this winding path.

Toomaj, one of Iran’s brave sons, has undoubtedly raised the banner of seeking justice alongside the people in the streets since the beginning of the revolution and after the murder of Mahsa Amini. As he was wanted again after the release of the first video of his presence and support in the protests, he even had to sleep for less than four hours a day, keep changing his location and seek refuge in some unknown places, to avoid being arrested by the regime thugs.
Finally, after more than 40 days, Toomaj and two of his friends were violently arrested at their residence. He was severely beaten, as indicated in the pictures released following his arrest.
After eight hard days, several “Dastgerd” prison inmates who happened to see Toomaj informed their families that he was in a very serious physical condition, with severe damage to his head, face, and one of his eyes. One of his legs and fingers was broken, and he had lost consciousness several times.

Then after 38 days of silence and waiting, governmental media released a brief video containing the content of a forced confession from Toomaj. Based on the bruised eyes and other visible symptoms, it is clear that he had been tortured severely.
Toomaj was forced to say in that video, “I apologize to society for the violence I have caused.”
However, Tomaj is not only a cause of violence and rage but also a source of resistance to it.