Voices of Toomaj

“For Toomaj” campaign

Association Donna Vita Libertà today, on the 160th day of the arrest of Toomaj Salehi, through the launch of a website and the publication of two support videos both in Italian and in English, aims to make Toomaj’s situation known to the world Salehi.
We invite politicians, artists, and sportsmen to record a video in support of Toomaj and the unjust conditions of detention and highlight the physical and mental wounds of this artist, to help this voice be heard better.
To support famous artist Toomaj Salehi, we ask you to join the “For Toomaj” campaign in a 1-minute video and invite 3 other artists to join this campaign.
Dear friends, send your videos to the email below.


It is worth mentioning that after the start of the campaign and website activity on April 7, dear artists are invited to post the video on their Instagram page and tag the page of Toomaj Salehi and Associazione Donna Vita Libertà.

Suggested video format:
1- Referring to Toomaj’s 160 days of detention
2- Indicate the condition of the inmate Toomaj and the physical injuries to his eyes and feet
3- Emphasizing that there is no place for art and artists in prison
4- Request for unconditional freedom
5- Ask the international community to follow up on Toomaj’s situation
6- Invite several friends and colleagues to participate in the campaign for Toomaj’s release.